Release Your Reviews Tool

Have you ever wondered if leaving your outreach provider would cause you to lose all that valuable feedback?
Have you ever thought that no one is finding your reviews because they aren't where people regularly look for them?

Many of our clients once answered yes to one or more of these questions. Most of them felt that they needed their reviews on more publicly accessible sites than,, or They each needed their reviews on sites that people hit day in and day out when looking for a reputable company to use.

Few, if any, of your potential clients, are looking to the previously named sites and others like it to find a new solution for their dental needs. Rather, potential patients are using the same reviews engines as you and your office staff use every day. The reviews we all consistently look at are (Androids default search engine), ( the reviews engine most commonly returned by iPhone's browser Safari), and So why are so many placing them where they're unseen? The reason comes from patient outreach providers who are trying to make a name for themselves... instead of really helping you make one for your company.

As a true business solution and a feature-rich patient outreach provider, we've always assisted our clients in soliciting to their patients to post their reviews on top visited review engines, like google and facebook. In fact, it was a native feature of our program.

Using our powerful tool you can easily contact clients who have shared a positive review in the past on other websites. This tool quickly matches reviewer names to your existing patients and prepares an email which allows them to easily cut and paste their review that the patient kindly placed on a not-so-seen website and ask them to place it to other top-viewed reviews sites. Getting started is as simple as filling out the form below.

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