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Setting up an Open Dental office
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Beginners Tutorials

Video Documentation
Live, quick and simple help on how to use - Check out the videos in this Playlist.
Connector Downloads
Explanation of the the downloads page and a little on how connectors work at
Explanation of the Dashboard Calendar on
Action Items
Explanation of the Dashboard Action Items on
Activity Log
Explanation of the Dashboard Activity Log.
Dashboard Preferences
Explanation of the Dashboard Preferences on - How to customize the view.
Appointment Schedule
Explanation of the Appointment Log
Appointment Statuses
Explanation of the how to configure your appointment statuses
Feature Requests
Explanation of the Feature Requests
Feedback Configuration
Explanation of the Reviews and Feedback Configuration on
Feedback Request
Explanation of the Reviews and Feedback Configuration
Multi-Office Setup
Explanation of the setting up multiple offices and configuration
Quick Fill and ASAP
Explanation of the ASAP System and Quick Fill Section
Recall Procedure Groups
Explanation of the Recall Filtering
Social Media Configuration
Explanation of the Social Media Configuration
Setting Up Multiple Users
Explanation of the Multiple User Configuration
Set up Group for Emails and Calls
Take your office to the next level by using groups to email or call. With Reminder Dental you no longer need to send text messages to your patients from your phone or your front desk personnel's person phones putting an end to your HIPAA compliance concerns. Now you can schedule future texts, do mass texts to filterable patient groups, use templates for emails and calls and so much more.